Hillary Scott’s Daughter Eisele Gets a Special Date Night With Backstreet Boys

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There’s no doubt that the children of celebrities get to do some pretty cool stuff. From meeting other celebrities and their kids to riding in tour buses, to seeing the country, to seeing the world, it’s a far cry from normal life. But Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott may have set a new gold standard for her oldest daughter, Eisele.

While Lady A is in Las Vegas for their residency at the Palms’ Pearl Theater, their families, who are accompanying them on the trip, are enjoying some of the sights and sounds of the city. And for little Eisele Kaye, that meant she got a special Daddy-Daughter date night to see her favorite band…after Lady Antebellum, of course—Backstreet Boys.

Don’t think for even one second that the magnitude of the evening was wasted on the five-year-old. In a video posted on Hillary’s Instagram page, Eisele’s face is pure shock and joy as she squeals with delight after mom reveals the plan. She immediately breaks into a happy dance before dad Chris Tyrrell escorts her out of the building.

Oh wait, it doesn’t stop there. Knowing that the diminutive doll would be at the show, the band’s A.J., Howie, Nick, Kevin, and Brian brought her on stage for what might be one of the most magical nights of her young life. Dropping to their knees while singing their 2000 hit single, “Shape of My Heart,” AJ handed Eisele a single rose, and the enamored young lady is obviously over the moon.

Hillary also shared a precious photo taken behind her daughter as she watched the show. In the caption, she thanked the band.

“My friends @backstreetboys rolled out the red carpet for my little girl tonight. And through videos and texts I got to see the JOY on her face when they BROUGHT HER ON STAGE during Shape Of My Heart!!! @rokspics @aj_mclean @kevinscottrichardson @nickcarter @howie_dorough we will never forget this. Could not love y’all more! Thank you!!! ❤️”’

And this is how first crushes begin!