Hillary Scott Just Shared A Real Life Update About Her First 2 Weeks With Twins and We Couldn’t Love Her More


Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott is such a refreshing presence, as she does her best to be open and honest with fans on the ups and downs of daily life as a country music superstar, working mom and wife.

Hillary and husband Chris Tyrrell recently welcomed identical twins, Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn into the world on January 29th and brought them home to join big sister Eisele Kaye. After taking some time to adjust to life as a family of five, Hillary just shared what life has really been like at home the past couple of weeks– tiring, happy and full.

In an Instagram photo, Hillary shared, “Am I laughing? Am I crying? Am I asleep? Am I awake? Have I eaten? Have I showered? Have I brushed my teeth or shaved my legs? Are those still Christmas pillows? I don’t think I know the answers to any of these questions, but y’all my heart is FULL and this is me, #twoweekspostpartum captured in a photo today.”

How sweet it is to not even realize it’s February and your Christmas pillows are still out.

Hillary also shared that she has gotten out of the house, at least once, to check out Eisele at soccer practice. Everyone seems very healthy, even if they’re very tired.

And, in case you missed it– Hillary will be back on the road with Lady Antebellum in just a few short months. The Summer Plays On Tour with Darius Rucker kicks off in July, so she’ll have two four-months-olds with her.