Home Free Covered John Mayer And Proves He Should Do More Country

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John Mayer has toyed with various genres throughout his career. Since 2012, Mayer has danced with country themes and sounds in both Born and Raised and Paradise Valley. His latest album is more ethereal and poppy, leaving behind the Western folk he once explored. But that doesn’t mean his music couldn’t be country. Country acapella group Home Free recently covered “In The Blood” from his recent album The Search For Everything, and dadgum if John Mayer can’t write a country song.

Here is Mayer’s version

It’s atmospheric and guitar forward, which we expect from Mayer. But it’s not far from a country tune. The backing guitars, the stomp-clap beat, the personal longing and looking back to where you come from, and the twangy guitar solo are all very country.

And Here’s Home Free’s cover

It works perfectly.

Literally any country star could sing this song and it would be a hit.: Blake, Miranda, Carrie, Chris Young, Thomas Rhett, Maren–any of them (or whomever you are thinking of) would make this a #1 hit. Seriously, it’s that good. John should do more country.