[Watch] Hunter Hayes Looks to Higher Power In “Dear God” Video


Hunter Hayes released his reflective new song “Dear God” earlier this month and now the heartfelt track has a video. The nearly three-minute clip, which debuted in Times Square, has Hunter acting out some of the song’s powerful lyrics.

“You showed me the road less traveled . . . You make me love so hard when everything I love just leaves / Are you sure there’s nothing wrong with me?”
he questions while engulfed in smoke.

Written alongside pop singer Andy Grammer and Dave Spencer, the song comes across as a prayer between Hunter and God. The video brings the song’s lyrics to life as Hunter is found sitting cross-legged, boxed in and pulling on a rope as he questions his life’s purpose with the man above.

“I had just gotten back from a TV performance in New York and was exhausted but excited to have an evening hang/write booked with Andy Grammar,” Hunter says in a statement. “We started by talking for an hour for his podcast. We covered a lot of topics but one of the big things I took away from it was the human condition of never feeling ‘good enough.'”

The singer says he had written a letter on the plane that first read “Dear World,” before realizing he was writing to God. He took this idea to his songwriters and they helped him finish the song.

“Andy has such a great way of digging through feelings and bringing them to the surface and Dave brought some awesome new ideas to it that gave it a real three-dimensional approach. When Andy took the series of questions we were making for the chorus and turned the last one into ‘are you sure that you don’t mess up’ it hit me really hard,” Hunter admits. “I ask that all the time and I don’t think I’m the only one. It’s a valid question and one I truly believe you don’t ask unless you already know that answer because the opposite would be entirely too scary to live with. The song’s description of the nights when I question my world couldn’t be more vulnerable. We all face the question of being good enough for the world around us and sometimes we just need a reminder that we are.”