[Watch] Hunter Hayes Gets Animated in “One Shot” Video


Hunter Hayes becomes a cartoon character in his latest music video for “One Shot.” A song that details how a night out drinking can often turn into an evening of embarrassing stories after one too many, Hayes’ video paints a vivid picture.

“I started with one shot / To have a good time / Everybody knows how easy one can turn into five,” he sings on the chorus.

The singer penned the song and it’s a stark departure from his previous release, “Dear God.” The video itself portrays the singer as a cartoon figure who has missing teeth, a black and blue on his eye and a llama in his kitchen after a night that curiously ended at the zoo.

“I really wanted the video to portray the humor in looking back at some of my most embarrassing moments and highlighting the fact that it’s really okay to not take yourself so seriously,” Hayes tells Billboard. “So many hidden Easter eggs in every frame of this have their own long story, so I’m proud of taking my shame and turning into something hopefully everybody can get a kick out of.”

According to the publication, “One Shot” was in fact inspired by “real-life wild nights Hayes has experienced.” He calls the song’s subject matter “a first for me on so many levels,” as he’s not one to sing about drunken escapades and things he regrets.

“One of my greatest achievements? Turning into a cartoon… Yes there are Easter Eggs EVERYWHERE… see for yourself,” Hayes says, teasing the clip on Twitter.

While we’re not quite sure what the Easter eggs allude to, it is a fun clip to watch. What’s even more fun, though, is envisioning the real-life Hayes out on the town and all the shenanigans featured in the video coming to light.