Hunter Hayes Promises New Music After Debuting Three-Part Mini-Movie, “Pictures” (Watch)


Hunter Hayes debuted his latest project “Pictures” to family, friends and industry colleagues Wednesday night (Feb. 14) with a premiere showing at Green Hills Cinema.

The Louisiana native introduced a three-part mini-movie titled “Pictures,” which consisted of three music videos for the songs “You Should Be Loved,” “More” and “This Girl,” that are tied together to tell a bigger story. The mini-movie is set in the ’50s, and as Hunter put it, “we wanted to get away from right now, we just wanted an escape.” The project follows three love stories that deal with young love, domestic abuse, and a love separated by war. Hunter is seen in the videos, performing the songs as well.

“For me, writing this stuff, this is all one story. We wanted to connect it,” Hunter revealed at the premiere. ” It was an amazing collaborative effort. I’m super proud that everything we talked about has come to life. It’s such beautiful process to watch. It’s a way to take three songs and make them into something bigger and give them wings.”

After premiering the videos, Hunter treated the audience to a live performance of all three of the songs included in “Pictures” and shared that there is in fact new music coming from the 26-year-old. This latest project was released to hold over both fans and Hunter himself until he can get to a new album. “It all goes back to the bigger picture, which is I wanted new music out,” he said.

“Pictures” three-part series is available now on Hunter Hayes’ YouTube Channel.