Hunter Hayes Releases Surprise Single With A Music Video Full of Aggressive Painting


Hunter Hayes surprise single, “Rescue”, is a high-energy ode to the power of loving relationships and kicks off his charitable partnership with online shoe retailer Zappos. Hayes is pioneering new avenues of song releases. To follow up the release of three songs without an album in 2016, he has integrated his music with charity and released a surprise single, “Rescue.”

Hayes is releasing a line of shoes featuring artwork from the video through Zappos in December, all the proceeds of which will go to the retailer’s charity organization Zappos for Good.

Hayes is going beyond the standard music structure and doing more with his music than many other artists. It will be exciting to see how much good he can do.

While I enjoy the song, I can’t help but be distracted by the painter. Is he dance-fighting his painting?

What is going on? And, yeah, he definitely is break-dance-fighting.

Man, that just seems wasteful.