Hunter Hayes Recommends Staying Clueless If You Want to Be Successful


It’s very important for your own happiness that you find out who you are and be that. I think that’s a part of the piece that Hunter Hayes is advocating here.

One Country’s Kelly Sutton and I had the chance to talk with Hunter at the Billboard Country Power Players party recently and he gave us his piece of advice for any aspiring musicians out there.

“One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that the more I try to learn the more I don’t know,” Hunter told One Country. “I’ve tried to compromise on — I moved to town as the music nerd — I tried to meet in the middle and try to be kind of a business guy, kind of a music nerd. I learned that was stupid because I’m surrounded by really smart people and I just want to make music.”

Whenever you try to be something you’re not, you’re not going to be fulfilled or happy. And Hunter has such a fun way of putting that into words.

“There’s an art to staying clueless and really appreciating clueless,” he added. “Cluelessness beats out fear every day of the week.”

Stay clueless, friends.

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Rare moment of quiet during a busy day in LA.

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