If Every Young Country Singer Named Their First Single The Way Taylor Swift Did


It takes a lot to get noticed in the music industry. That’s why “The Voice” and “American Idol” exist. These days, to get noticed you have to be more than a songwriter and more than a vocalist. You gotta be savvy. Like, really savvy. Enter: Taylor Swift. Swift got turned down a lot in her early days and she’s never blown anyone away with her vocal prowess. But, she’s savvy.

So savvy, she named her first single “Tim McGraw.” Obviously, the world noticed and so did Tim. So, what if every young up-and-comer took a cue from Taylor and named their first single after someone more famous?

If Every Young Country Singer Named Their First Single The Way Taylor Swift Did:

1. Kelsea Ballerini // “Taylor Swift”

Without a doubt, Kelsea’s lead single would’ve been named after the Queen T.

But when you think Taylor Swift,

I hope you think my awkwardness.

2. Thomas Rhett // “Luke Bryan”

This one’s too easy– Thomas’ dad is one of Luke’s go-to songwriters and they’re both from Georgia.

But when you think Luke Bryyy-an,

I hope you think my skinny black jeans.

3. Dustin Lynch // “George Strait”

It’s actually hard to believe no one has written a song titled this yet.

But when you think George Strait,

I hope you think my huge white hat.

4. Sam Hunt // “Usher”

It might take a while for Sam’s song to catch on, but since Blake Shelton likes Usher so much, it’d work.

But when you think Usher,

I hope you think my half-spoken tunes.

5. Kip Moore // “Eric Church”

Wild Ones, Outsiders— same thing, right?

But when you think Eric Church,

I hope you think my cut-off shirts.

6. Kacey Musgraves // “Miranda Lambert”

This tune would be quite the track.

But when you think Miranda Lambert,

I hope you think my songs aren’t hers.

7. Mickey Guyton // “LeAnn Rimes”

LeAnn made Mickey want to sing country music, so it’s fitting.

But when you think LeAnn Rimes,

I hope you think my pretty little mustang.

Some of these songs could definitely be hits. Definitely.