Jack Ingram Covering Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” is a True Gift and Blessing


As a part of Liz Rose‘s induction into the Texas Heritage Songwriters’ Hall of Fame Jack Ingram delivered a performance of a Rose-penned unlike another performance on a tune she’s ever written.

Ingram started into Taylor Swift’s smash hit, “You Belong With Me,” which seemed to almost shock the Austin, Texas audience– many giggles could be heard throughout the tune. But, his take on the song, with the help of songwriter Jon Randall sounded pretty masterful, because “You Belong With Me” is a good song, even when a 47-year-old rugged Texan is singing it.

Rose co-wrote the tune with Swift for the Fearless album and it was nominated for Song of the Year at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards. Rose also co-wrote “White Horse” with Swift, which won Best Country Song at the GRAMMYs.

Rose is also a part of the powerhouse trio, The Love Junkies, that brought the world “Girl Crush.” As another tribute to Rose, McKenna delivered quite the performance of the GRAMMY-winning tune.

And, because nothing on the Internet ever truly dies (lives, really) there is footage of Ingram and Swift on a bus together before Fearless was released. As Swift starts to sing “Fearless,” Ingram throws himself in front of the camera and then a very odd conversation takes place. Classic.