Jackie Verna Totally Nailed Maren Morris’ “Once” to Advance Into “The Voice” Top 12


Maren Morris’ debut album, Hero, is full of smashes that happen to be pretty difficult to sing if you aren’t Maren. Or Alicia Keys, because the two sang “Once” together at the GRAMMYs and of course, Alicia killed it. But, you can also add Jackie Verna’s performance on “The Voice” to the list of people who can sing Maren’s music pretty well.



Jackie sang “Once” during the Live Playoffs round of the show and absolutely nailed it.

After her performance, her coach Adam Levine told her, “I am beaming with pride because once again, you’re one of those people everybody underestimated and I said ‘watch out for this girl.’ You’re… it’s funny to call you beastly, but that’s what you are. You are like, your big long, sustained note, there’s nobody in this competition that can carry that long, pristine, crystal clear notes like you. I think you’re one in a billion.”