Lyrical Breakdown: Jake Owen’s “American Country Love Song”

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After his last single was a bit of a flop, Jake Owen went back to the basics with his newest tune, “American Country Love Song.” Kind of.

“I think my fans have come to expect a certain kind of music from me; songs that are fun, energetic and just make you feel good. ‘American Country Love Song’ has the feeling of freedom and being young and adventurous. The first few lines of the song give examples of what love is: ‘It’s two tickets to a concert, it’s a Daytona airbrush t-shirt, wonderin’ who’s gonna kiss who first. You know what I’m talking about.’ I would say the majority of America does know what I’m talking about,” Owen said in a press release, but do people know what he’s talking about?

In case the majority of Americans don’t know what he’s talking about, Owen clarified his statement, “The single is a broad-spectrum glance in a three-minute song that describes a couple of kids living that American country love song. But, it’s also a much larger celebration of the love story that is America itself, from cowboys and cowgirls to cheerleaders and quarterbacks in small towns and big cities.”

So, the song is about love, but also America.

Lyrical breakdown, “American Country Love Song”:

It’s two tickets to a concert, it’s a Daytona airbrush t-shirt
Wonderin’ who’s gonna kiss who first, you know what I’m talkin’ about
Do you wear the t-shirt to the concert? Is the shirt just from Daytona or like, a Daytona Speedway thing? Like for NASCAR?

Hey baby what you doin’ tonight? It’s butterflies and Bud Lights
I thought these were kids? They can’t drink Bud Light! And if someone really loved you they wouldn’t make you drink Bud Light anyway.

Under the stars and on the stripes of a beach towel in a spring break town
Daytona, perhaps?

It’s playin’ in the night air, through the speakers all night long
Couple kids just livin’ that American country love song
The same song on repeat all night?

In every town and every place
There’s a boy who’s tryin’ to take a chance and dance
And find a way to run away with her heart
So, the boy will kiss the girl first? No more wondering?
Do kids go dancing anymore?

In the back of an old Ford truck
I think kids just text nowadays.

In the bar just lookin’ for love
But, they are kids!

In a pair of oh my blue eyes
Let them fireworks start
You should not put fireworks anywhere near your eyes, blue or not.

That American country love song
Ain’t never gonna quit playin’ on and on and on
Because it’s on repeat.

Well it’s “Chris loves Jenny” on a license plate
That’s too many letters.

It’s daddy gettin’ mad ’cause you came home late
More like, daddy getting mad because you’re a kid at a bar drinking Bud Light.

It’s one last kiss in the driveway
Hopefully, daddy ain’t watching.

Hey radio DJ, can you play that song that she loves
Luke Bryan’s “Play It Again”?

So I can turn it up, and maybe turn her on
Again– daddy is just right there.

An American country love song

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