Jake Owen Has a Few Things to Say About Country Music

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As country music continues to evolve and grow as a genre, Jake Owen has a few things to say.

Owen is over the bro country debate. He is so over it Owen told Rolling Stone Country it’s annoying to even talk about, “It’s so annoying. I get so tired of hearing these people ask, ‘So what do you think of bro country?’ I don’t care.”

But, why so defensive, bro?

Just this week Owen replied to a tweet referring to Thomas Rhett, Sam Hunt and Owen as “pop weenies” and the backlash from Owen caused the user to delete his Twitter account.


Maybe Owen’s right, but maybe it’s time to own the genre and move on. If a reporter asks about bro country, maybe they aren’t that great of a journalist. If a fan likes your brand of country music, maybe be thankful you can make a living playing your music. I definitely wouldn’t describe Owen, Rhett or Hunt as a “pop weenie,” because what is that? But, also is Twitter really the place to defend “me and my friends”? Probably not.

Owen didn’t stop his Rolling Stone Country commentary at “I don’t care,” he basically went on to say people listen to music to relate to a song, but if you think about it more than that? Thats a no-no, “… and they’re there for the way it feels to relate to a song that you just like. There’s not much more thought to it than that, and if you try to put more thought into it than that, you’re a dick. I get so tired of people who try to put everything into a box.”

Let’s get this straight– you can listen to music and just like it, but if you want to like it and feel like there is some substance to it, you’re a “dick”?

For someone so tired of talking about his music or his friends’ music, maybe Owen shouldn’t call out fans with such vigor, because that’s only going to bring up the subject more. For a guy with five No. 1 singles to his credit and a new album on the way, Owen shouldn’t have to defend his music like this, but celebrate his success and the fans who do the same.

Owen is finishing up touring with Kenny Chesney’s Big Revival Tour this summer, as he readies his fifth studio project.

Image Source: Jeremy Scott for CO, Twitter