Jamie Lynn Spears Says Her Documentary “Introduces Her as a Young Woman”

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Jamie Lynn Spears, best known for her role on the hit Nickelodeon show “Zoey 101” and as Britney Spears‘ little sister, is coming out with a TLC documentary called “When the Lights Go Out.” The one-hour special will take viewers on a journey through Jamie Lynn’s life as a child actor, the hardships that came with getting pregnant at 16 and her newfound career as a country music songstress and writer.

In a recent interview with TODAY, Jamie Lynn took some time to discuss what life is like now, as a young mother and country music artist, as well as the “why” behind her upcoming documentary.

“Well, like you said, the world met me as a young girl, as a little girl, on ‘Zoey’ and Britney’s sister and all of those things, but after I had my little girl, I knew I needed to take time away, not only to just to figure out my life, but figure out my future and what I was going to do the rest of my life,” she said. “So, I went to Nashville, started writing music and really working on my craft… And then, I wanted to introduce myself to the world as the adult that I am. So, I needed to bridge that gap, so I figured a one-hour documentary would help bridge that gap from where I was to who I am now.”

“When the Lights Go Out” airs Sunday, June 26 at 9pm Central on TLC.