Jamie Lynn Spears Puts Her Foot Down in Her New Song “Sleepover” (And the Acoustic Version Will Give You Chills)

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“You don’t know me well enough to see me with my makeup off,” sings Jamie Lynn Spears confidently in the open of “Sleepover.”

The songstress’ new single is about the early days of a relationship and making it clear that a sleepover isn’t going to happen.

Cause I like that takin’ me out, treatin’ me like a lady
While I’m figurin’ out do I wanna be your baby?
Give me that old school dinner for two
You like the Stones? Well hey, me too
I ain’t saying you ain’t gettin’ to me, yeah
And I ain’t saying I ain’t feelin’ the heat
I ain’t drunk and you ain’t sober
Sure feels good here leanin’ on your shoulder
But this ain’t no, this ain’t no
This ain’t no, oh no no
This ain’t no sleepover

“‘Sleepover’ has really set the tone for my next chapter as an artist,” Jamie Lynn said in a press release announcing the single. “Sometimes I forget that I’m only 25 years old so I wanted to embrace that. We as women can be mothers and wives, but we can still be confident, sexy and flirty. ‘Sleepover’ really helped me understand that side of me more.”

Jamie Lynn performs an acoustic version of the song in her Nashville Session video below: