Jana Kramer Celebrates 4 Years of Marriage to Husband Michael Caussin With Loving Message

Jana Kramer and husband Michael Caussin celebrate 4 year anniversary
Photo courtesy Jana Kramer Instagram

Happy anniversary wishes go out to Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin. It was four years ago that the couple tied the knot and started one of the most honest relationships in country music.

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Jana shared a “sweet” photo on her Instagram page of the pair sharing their first bites of wedding cake. She writes, “Marriage hasn’t been a “piece of cake” but I wouldn’t change a thing. Happy 4 years babe. #lovewins #daretolove.”

A day later, Jana shared a special moment between the couple.

“We laughed…we cried…we drank wine….we watched the sun go down, and we toasted to 4 years…..a take away we wanted to share, wherever you are in your relationship right now, choose each other…choose to fight…it can be a beautiful ride. #daretolove.” she wrote.

It hasn’t been a piece of cake for Jana and Michael, The couple separate dafter Michael admitted to infidelity after their daughter, Jolie, was born. He also took the steps to be treated for his sex addiction. Admirably, they have chosen to work on their relationship instead of becoming another divorce statistic.

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In an interview with People Now, Jana says, “Every single one of my friends besides one was like, ‘Leave.’ That’s the first thing. It’s so easy to be like, ‘If he cheats on me, I’m gonna leave.’” She goes on to say, “It’s so much harder when you have kids. For me to be like, ‘Hey look, you can have this awful thing happen in your marriage, but you can be stronger at the end of it.’ I wouldn’t change a thing. Back in the day, I was like, ‘I wish he didn’t do this.’ Now, I’m like, ‘Hey, we’re so much stronger and we’ve been able to help people to give it a try. Don’t just leave. Because that’s the easy route out.”

She adds, “There’s gonna be issues, so it’s like, try to fight for your marriage if two people are willing to work it out.”