Jana Kramer Shares Early Pictures of Her Baby Boy

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There is little that gets us as excited as the impending birth of a country music baby. Those mommies- and daddies-to-be keep us breathless with anticipation by taking us along on their pregnancy journeys through social media. However, there are few that are as good as Jana Kramer for making us feel like we’re part of the adventure, and she just gives us an exhilarating update.

The expectant country artist, handsome hubs Michael, and the couple’s daughter, Jolie Rae, recently made Jana’s 20-week check-up a family outing, and the Caussin’s documented it for their fans to see.

As Jana preps for the actual ultrasound, Jolie Rae snuggles up next to her mom who patiently explains what she’s about to see. The tech administers a standard ultrasound first and we get to see that baby boy is developing beautifully and quite active with a strong heartbeat.

But what might be even more precious than Jana’s midterm bump is the look on each member of the family’s face as they watch the infant’s form appear before them.

The tech then converts to the super high-tech 3D scan and, for this, Mike has to get a closer look. He watches as the image reveals his son’s ankles crossed, and, after a little patience, they get a solid look at the baby’s face.

Of course, it’s too soon to tell who the tot resembles, but we can kinda see a little bit of both Jana and Michael in his features.

In June, Jana, Michael, and Jolie revealed that they were adding to the family, then in July, their gender reveal announced a baby boy in an explosion of blue confetti.

It had been a challenging journey for the family. In 2017, Jana shared the struggles of the rocky road of reconciliation with Michael and the heartbreaking news that she had suffered multiple miscarriages. But their happily-ever-after came when the couple renewed their vows in late 2018.

20 more weeks to go!