Jana Kramer Shares Baby Gender Reveal Video

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Earlier this summer, Jana Kramer announced that she and husband Michael Caussin were expecting a baby and soon after revealed that they were having a boy.

The couple, who already have one child—daughter Jolie Rae, are now sharing the actual gender reveal video on Jana’s vlog.

In the video, Jana sets up the scene, letting viewers know that her friend Ashley, was the only one that knew what the sex of the baby was. She then goes around the party soliciting guesses about what it could be. Most of the folks thought it would be a girl. Even Jana’s husband was thinking girl.

“No, I think it’s a girl. I’ll be surprised if it’s a boy,” Michael said.

Soon after the couple started bashing away at a pink and blue box filled with confetti. Jana took a swing, not breaking the box and then Michael took over with a few swings. After switching to a golf club, from a bat, Michael busted the box wide open to reveal blue confetti.

It’s a boy. Congratulations to the growing family.