Jana Kramer’s “Circles” Is All About That Special Kind of Love That Sends You Spinning


From the girl that brought you “I Got the Boy” and “Why Ya Wanna,” Jana Kramer has released another single entitled, “Circles,” off her sophomore album, Thirty One.

The song describes a time in life when the one that you love has picked you up and mended your broken heart. It’s a song about a bond that is seemingly unbreakable.

“Circles” takes a more modern approach musically. In the verses, a guitar chord loop with a soft drum beat in the background give a lot of vocal room for Kramer’s words to clearly sit with the listener. By the first chorus, the electric guitar becomes noticeable and a steel guitar is added.

Lyrically, Kramer works through the words in an authentic way that helps listeners quickly get behind what she has to say. Explaining love as something that sends us spinning is not a new concept, but Kramer puts a twist on the concept by adding context with lyrics like, “You’re the only part of me unbroken, and I’m going in circles” and “Every star up in the sky, every hello and goodbye, every moment by your side, is the meaning of my life.”