Jana Kramer Complaining Because Her Daughter Peed on the Couch During Potty Training is Every Mom


Famous people, they’re just like us. Jana Kramer loves her daughter Jolie more than life itself. There is no doubt about that. But  when her two- year-old daughter chose to pee on the couch instead of in the potty, Jana became every mom.

The 34-year-old took to Instagram to share her story of what occurred.

“I’m trying to get Jolie to potty train…” she began in a series of Instagram story posts. “So I said ‘Jolie do you have to potty?” and she goes ‘No.’ So after I offer her, she wants to go pee pee on the big girl potty, she says ‘No.’ And I said, ‘You don’t have to go potty?’ and she goes, ‘No.’ But she just peed on the couch. This is the third night in a row she’s peed on the couch.”

Jana took it all in stride, albeit a little frustrated, and cleaned up the couch. Not to be outsmarted by a two-year-old, she is not giving up. Next time, her daughter will be wearing a diaper. Good idea.

In addition, if any moms had any suggestions or stories of how their potty training went, Jana wants to hear them. If you do, hit her up.

In the meantime, Jana’s hitting the showers. There’s always tomorrow.