Jana Kramer Shares Husband Mike’s Dad…or Dog Hack For Cleaning Babies [Watch]

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Jana Kramer Husband Mike's dad dog hack
Photo courtesy Waffles Instagram

Jana Kramer isn’t one to shy away from sharing her real life on social media, regardless of what trolls, haters, and other judgmental types say. Maybe it’s because she has plenty of supporters out there just like her, doing the best they can. She may have reset the bar, though, with a recent post she shared on Instagram.

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Captioned: “DAD HACK: When dad can’t find the baby wipes . @waffleskramer.” Now, before you watch the accompanying video, it bears mentioning that Waffles Kramer is the family’s adorable beagle pup. And, let’s just say, he loves when baby Jace has a bite to eat.

Cue the video…

Yes, that’s Jace and Waffles, and it’s hard to tell who is licking who. As the camera pans around the baby boy, his mouth is wide open and the tongue is out as Waffles licks the final remnants of whatever he most recently ate from his adorable face.

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The comments on the post are hilariously mixed. While many other hard-working moms and dads rejoice to see that celebrity parents are just like they are, others gag at the idea of having Waffles on clean-up duty. And many jump to Jana and Mike’s defense before the shaming can begin. One thoughtful follower even noted, “Best immunity booster ever.”

We’re pretty confident that this doesn’t happen on the regular in the Kramer-Caussin household, but even if you do find it a little repulsive, it’s also ten kinds of adorable.