[Watch] Jana Kramer and Husband Share Marriage Advice in New Video Series


Jana Kramer has been open about her relationship struggles with Michael Caussin following his infidelity and now the couple is sharing their marriage advice in a new video series titled “Have a Seat with Jana & Mike.”

“You asked, we answered!!!” Jana captions a 16-minute video on YouTube. “Mike and I answered to the best we could some of the DM’s ya’ll sent me through Instagram. Hope this helps and again this is just our opinion on stuff…so take it or leave it. Love ya’ll and let me know if this is something you guys want to see more of or not!”

In the video, Jana and Mike answer a wide range of fan questions from marriage advice for young couples to dealing with infidelity and how to create better communication with one’s spouse. In the clip, Jana suggests newlyweds give their marriage time when arguments arise. “Don’t just be like, ‘Okay, it’s not working. We’re done,'” she says. Husband Mike agrees and adds that couples shouldn’t rush their lives.

“Don’t rush, ‘Okay, we got married. We have to have kids and we have to do this and that,'” he says. “Enjoy your life don’t feel rushed because people are rushing you from the outside. One step at a time.”

The couple says in order to create better communication they make sure they check-in with each other almost every night. During these “check-in’s” they’ll ask about their day, their feelings and what’s going on in their lives. Mike explains it as a way to keep couples as “real-time” as possible. And, if one party isn’t in the space to have a discussion that’s okay. Come back later when the other partner is in a head space to truly listen, they suggest.

The couple also touched upon Mike’s infidelity and said a huge part of getting past the situation was him sitting down with Jana and key members of her family to address the issue at hand.

“For me, personally, when I got hurt, my entire family felt like they got hurt and betrayed and let down in a way because they loved him and trusted him like I did and do,” Jana explains. “It was so important to me with certain family members that you had that conversation. My mom always said to me, ‘I love Michael and if you love him and you’re going to try working through it then we need to also get on board too.'”

Michael adds that regardless of the amount of shame, embarrassment and pain he had as a perpetrator, he knew he had to address the elephant in the room with Jana’s family.

“You want to sweep it under the rug in your own mind and pretend it never happened and move on. It’s hard to see the pain in the family of the person you love but [you have to] have a conversation. It is what you have to do. There really is no way around it,” he explains.