Jana Kramer and Husband Share Their Decision to Stay Together After Infidelity [Watch]

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Jana Kramer has spoken at great length about her difficulties in reconnecting with Michael Caussin following his infidelity, and now the couple is sharing their reason for staying together. In the latest episode of their new video series “Have a Seat with Jana & Mike,” the couple says their marriage works because they chose to fight for it.

“There’s no perfect relationship,” Jana advised in a new 19-minute clip. “Your heart is gonna get broken at some point. You have to put yourself out there for that to happen. If you don’t, you’ll never know what a great love is or you might not be able to find your great love.”

She added, “When I knew he was the one was because he chose to stay and we chose to fight together.”

While Michael shares that he doesn’t believe in soul mates or finding “the one,” he says he and Jana were meant to be together because they chose to fight together.

“I want her to feel safe. I want her to feel comfortable. I want her to feel loved and cared about so I’m willing to do those things,” he said.

In taking questions from fans, the topic of moving past infidelity came up and Jana explained that it’s important to not focus on the past and instead stay in the present with one’s significant other. She also advised to not worry too much about what one’s family may say.

“At the end of the day, your family’s not in your relationship. It’s hard and it’s really hard for the perpetrator too, but it’s also really hard for the person who’s been affected too,” she confessed. “When you’re sad, they’re gonna be sad. When you’re happy, they’re gonna be happy. Over time, when they start to see you happy in the relationship I think that’s when they can soften.”

Following their decision to get back together, Jana said she had Mike talk to certain family members so he could regain their trust like she had. While it wasn’t easy, in the end it was worth it.

“It wasn’t until this summer that I felt things were water under the bridge where I felt a family connection to your family,” he added. “Your family’s gonna feed off of you. If you’re happy, they’re happy at the end of the day.”