Jana Kramer Gets Emotional on Podcast After Finding Woman’s Topless Photo on Husband Mike Caussin’s Phone

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When Jana Kramer launched her Whine Down podcast, she offered a slice-of-life approach to the experiences that real women face from divorce and marriage to pregnancy and childbirth, and a whole lot in between. When her husband, Michael Caussin, joined her as a regular on the show, the couple took on a variety of topics, but they also promised honesty when they discussed the realities of their tumultuous relationship that included Mike’s infidelity and Jana’s fading trust.

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However, things reached a heartbreakingly emotional point in their most recent episode when listeners learn that Jana had made a discovery on Mike’s phone.

When the second portion of the podcast begins, Jana seems uncomfortable and admits that she doesn’t want to be there. She then tells her husband if he wants to talk about it, “be my guest.” With an expletive, Mike charges in, but not before chuckling and saying, “We give these listeners some good stuff,” to which Jana replies, “Yeah, it’s real good. My heart on the f****ing floor is good stuff.”

Michael then explains that he received a text message from a number he didn’t recognize and when he opened it, there was a photo of a woman with her top off. The accompanying message was asking him to meet up. Michael says that he didn’t know the woman, and he also said he should have told Jana immediately, but he was terrified and they were about to go out with another couple.

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As he shared details of the story and explained his rationale, he grew more emotional and Jana remained silent.

When Jana began speaking, she was overcome with emotion, pleading “Why is this happening again?” She went on to say, “Whether he ends up meeting up with someone or not, that last relapse he almost did and I was going to sign the papers. So, it’s like, he gets even close to the fire, and I’m gone. Does he not know that and realize that and love our family enough?”

As Jana discussed what her next step would be, she also said, “I love you Mike, but you’re a good liar. You passed a lie detector test. You’re charming as hell, people believe you.” The singer, songwriter and actress breaks down as she questions what her future holds, but manages to chuckle when her producer encourages her to not apologize for her emotions.

Eventually, Jana begins to shut down, but when their producer expresses concern, Jana says, “It’s fine, we’ve got our kids, so we’ll go our separate ways and be fine.”

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In a post on her Instagram page, Jana prepares listeners for what they’re about to hear on the podcast and also shares her reservation in actually doing it, but as she and Mike have done in the past, they openly offer it up in the event that other couples going through challenges can benefit from their experiences.

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Today is a tough one. Our podcast episode that aired this morning was one we almost didn’t let air at all. Up until a day ago mike and I wanted to pull the episode completely and just not have an episode for today because it was that heavy for us. Honestly the day we recorded I wanted nothing to do with “work”. I wanted to text our producer and make up some excuse why we couldn’t record. The thing though is because Mike and I work together the show must go on and I realize we can’t just cancel things because we are in a bad spot. So instead I put my big girl pants on and started to record with mike after a very long and intense 24hours of not talking to each other. In the beginning of the ep I truly tried to put the acting chops on and play cool but it’s evident as the episode went on that didn’t happen. We decided to open the door into what happened and woah did we let it all out. Those of you may not understand the trauma and the pain around what we talked about and openly shared so please be nice and know we ended up keeping the episode because we hope it can help. See that’s the thing. None of this has been easy with our shares but we just hope along the way we are able to help others out there not feel so alone. Reality is no matter what you’ve been through marriage can be a difficult walk especially with added triggers and pain…but know this, ur not alone in that walk and we are here rooting y’all on. Be kind to us as honestly we are embarrassed by how fresh and raw this episode was. Also. Because the podcast didn’t end great…today we are good, and have grown stronger from it. See that’s the thing, if you’re both willing to fight you can get stronger on the other side. Love y’all and really appreciate the support. #bekindpls

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