Jana Kramer Shares Husband Mike Caussin Got a Vasectomy

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Jana Kramer reveals husband mike caussin got vasectomy.
Photo by O'Connor/AFF-USA.com

In the world of social media, nothing is private anymore. Celebrities are now open about everything that goes on in their lives and that’s true for singer Jana Kramer. The “I Got The Boy” singer is sharing the news that her husband Mike Caussin got a vasectomy.

In her Instagram story, Jana revealed the new and laughed at the fact that Mike had to have frozen “peas on his balls.”

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“So Mike got a vasectomy today and he’s laying in the room with peas on his balls so I think it’s kinda funny,” Jana laughed. before turning the camera on to Mike. “You literally have peas on your balls.”

“You’re damn right. I’m actually struggling,” Mike responded. “I should drink some more of this,” he added while holding a glass of wine.

And that wasn’t the funniest part about it. Jana had way more fun with the fact the Mike needed her really powerful meds to cope with the pain of a snip.

“I think the funniest thing about all of this is that he took my medicine—my strong medicines from my C-section when I had a baby cut out of me but yet he gets a little, little cut out of his balls,” Jana adds.

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“A little cut? You should see that thing,” Mike said.

But on the bright side, Mike is feeling good. When Jana asked how he was feeling, the former NFL player said, “Great. Fantastic. Nothing’s wrong at all” and he wasn’t the least bit sarcastic. Poor Mike.

The couple has been open with fans about their marriage and Mike’s infidelity early on in their marriage. The couple talk about their struggles on Jana’s podcast Whine Down with Jana Kramer, sharing Mike’s sex addiction and his treatment. Jana and Mike married in 2015 and welcomed their first daughter, Jolie Rae, in 2016. They later split up due to Mike’s infidelity but continued to fight for the marriage, renewing their vows in 2017. Jana then gave birth to son Jace in 2018.

In an effort to help others with their marital struggles, Jana and Mike are open about the ups and downs of their marriage, which looks  to be on the up right now.