Jana Kramer’s New Single “DAMMIT” Will Leave You Longing for The One That Got Away

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Jana Kramer Dammin single cover
Photo by Matt Sayles/Sophie Dog Records

After teasing a new single on Instagram for the past week, Jana Kramer can finally announce that her latest offering, “Dammit,” is finally out.  Singing about all too relatable topic, heartbreak, the new tune takes a page straight out of real life.

“‘Dammit’ is authentic to me. It’s about acknowledging and surrendering to the idea that love doesn’t always work out,” Jana said. “I feel like we’ve all been there and experienced relationships that didn’t last.”

The yearning ballad, written by Nicolle Galyon and Elizabeth Huett, is Jana’s second independent release. It follows her previous single, “I’ve Done Love,” giving us a taste of what’s to come. While both releases are songs of heartache, “Dammit” portrays a nostalgic look back on an almost perfect relationship that didn’t work out.

Dammit / Didn’t we almost have it / Honestly, I still don’t understand it / We used to love to sit / Talk and wish and picture and plan it / Man, now I just / Dammit,” she sings in the chorus.

Reminiscent of her earlier work, “Why Ya Wanna”—her highest charting single—and “I Got The Boy,” “Dammit” showcases the 34-year-olds soul-wrenching vocals, which have a way of tugging at our heart strings every single time.

If “Dammit” isn’t a hit for Jana, there is not justice in country music or the world.

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