Tim McGraw, Chris Janson and Mark Collie’s Backstage Jam Of “Mama Tried” Will Make You Shout “Thank God For Country Music”

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There’s not a lot of glamor backstage at a country show. Artists hang out in a glorified locker room that may have held an arena football team the night before as they prepare to go onstage. Artists have a lot of downtime backstage, which means it can be a pretty boring place. But Tim McGraw has never been one to sit around on his phone twiddling his thumbs. He grabs any artist that is nearby and plays old time country music. The result is some pretty spectacular music you won’t hear anywhere else.

When McGraw partnered with Chris Janson and Mark Collie (both of whom have written songs for McGraw) to perform Merle Haggard’s classic “Mama Tried”, we knew we were in for a treat. The three men swap verses and harmonize together the chorus recounting the story of an inmate who couldn’t be saved by even the best efforts of his loving mother.

At the end of the video McGraw shouts, “Thank God for country music!” We couldn’t agree more.