Jason Aldean and Wife Brittany Share a Sushi Date Night in the Kitchen


Super busy couples these days not only schedule specific dates nights to get some quality time with each other, they also make sure to plan what those date nights will involve. While it usually includes having dinner together, for Jason Aldean and his beautiful wife, Brittany, it was actually about MAKING dinner together…with a few of their friends.

Now hold on. This wasn’t Jason and his manly hunting possé firing up the grill while coaxing slabs of meat into submission. No, this was much more delicate than that.

Jason, Brittany, Jason’s sister, Kasi, and her boyfriend, radio personality Chuck Wicks, along with three other couples visited the upscale cookware store, Sur La Table, to take a cooking class together. But it was no simple spaghetti or mac and cheese that these amateur culinarians were challenged to prepare. It was sushi. Tuna rolls to be exact.

Now, if you aren’t following Brittany on Instagram, you missed out on her expert play-by-play of Jason’s expert and precise knife skills, or his artistic ability to garnish a plate with pickled ginger, but a photo she shared on her page shows that the couple seemed to have a great time. Either that or Jason is scared for his life as Brittany has a firm grip on a chef’s knife.

We love that Jason and Brittany are savoring these sweet grown-up moments together before he hits the road for his “Ride All Night Tour” with Kane Brown and Carly Pearce.

In the past, Brittany has been on the bus with her hubs, but with two little ones now, we aren’t sure what their plan is, but we bet she sneaks out to at least a few shows with and without the little ones.