Jason Aldean and Wife Brittany Take Us on a Tour of Their New Tour Bus [See Inside]


An artists tour bus is their home away from home. Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany are opening up their home on the road, giving fans a look inside.

Everyone is always asking about our bus so here ya go,” Jason wrote on Instagram alongside a series of videos that has the couple showing off the ins and outs.

“Welcome to our home away from home,”  Brittany says to open the video. “This is our bus tour for y’all. Y’all have been asking for it for a long time so here we go.”

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We’re actually on this as much as we’re in our home, Jason said. “Feels like it anyway.

The couple starts off in the front of the bus showing off the pristine relaxing area that includes Jason’s recliner, which Brittany won’t allow him to keep at the house. So the bus is the next best place.

“Let that boy have a recliner at home!, friend Randy Houser commented on the post.

The front area contains a white couch and a kitchen and a white kitchenette area, which Jason claims as his favorite spot to sit.

The kitchen comes complete with coffeemaker, dishwasher, sink, microwave and two-door fridge. One thing not included—a stove.

“We’re not big cookers so we don’t have a stove because we do a lot of frozen meals,” Brittany adds.

The couple then leads the cameras to the bunk area, with four condo bunks lining the sides for guests and their babies. The two bottom bunks are actually zip in cribs which prevents the baby from getting out.

Their bedroom contains a HUGE television that takes up most of the siding and a queen size bed. Jason claims that his is where the magic happens to which Brittany quickly responds, “No more babies.”  Brittany and Jason share two children, Memphis  (1 1/2) and Navy (8 months).

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But that’s not all, the bathroom contains it’s own TV. Oddly enough it’s situated behind the toilet. But fear not, Jason knows what he’s doing.

“You can watch it when you’re in the shower,” Jason exclaims. “You’ll be in the shower and there is a speaker in the shower. So you can turn it on, watch the game and actually hear it from the shower.” Now that’s smart thinking.

Take a look inside Jason’s bus.