Jason Aldean Says Bro-Country is a “F-ing Ridiculous Term”

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Jason Aldean has had it once and for all with the bro-country questions.

Aldean recently sat down with Billboard to clear the air on a few topics, bro-country included, and right away, let everyone know how he feels about the term.

“It’s a f—ing ridiculous term. It’s incredibly insulting to me. It’s meant to describe guys whose songs are all about pickup trucks, drinking beer and girls. It’s meant to talk down to us — me, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, all of us. They haven’t bothered to listen to the body of work I’ve recorded over the years. At least take time to do your homework.”

That homework includes seven studio albums, 15 No. 1 hits and one of the highest-grossing tours in country music. To date, he’s sold 14 million albums, so bro-country or not– something is working.

Last year, Aldean told PennLive.com, bro-country, “It bothers me because I don’t feel like it’s a compliment. To me, it’s sort of a backhanded thing that comes from a very narrow-minded listener and I don’t know who came up with that ridiculous term…”