Jason Aldean and His Dad Star in New Commercial Together and It’ll Make You Wanna Hug Your Dad (Or At Least Call Him)

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Jason Aldean is always quick to mention his dad when discussing where his love of music comes from, but it seems like he got a lot more from dear ol’ dad than a huge career. His love for all things outdoors also started at home, or more specifically in a deer stand with his dad.

In a new video for Field & Stream Shop, the father and son take a walk through the woods and share stories around a campfire.

For dad, Barry Williams, he seems to be just as proud of his hunting memories with Jason as anything else. You can see and hear the bond the two have throughout the short video.

Jason shared the story of the first deer he shot and the excitement he felt, “The first deer I shot was a doe. I think it was the first time I really shot that shotgun, and one thing I remember is how loud it was. I was like, ‘Oh, my god, I can’t hear a thing right now!’ [My] ears [were] ringing, which is funny, because I play music for a living and now they ring every night.”

Barry had his own feelings on the event, too, “I was probably just as excited as you were. I couldn’t wait to get it back to town to show everybody. It was kind of like my first buck. I drove [the doe] probably a hundred miles to show him to all of my friends that night, and I’m surprised he was still good to eat.”