Jason Aldean and Brittany’s Two Babies Bond Over a Dance and a Kiss

Jason Aldean and Brittany Aldean son Memphis and daughter Navy bond in swimming pool
Photo courtesy Brittany Aldean Instagram

Jason Aldean’s 18-month-old son, Memphis, could have had a little challenge facing him earlier this year. In February, he went from being the baby and the only boy in the family to being a big brother to the new baby, Navy Rome. It’s uncertain if Jason and wife Brittany had any concerns about how Memphis would react, but it is now it’s obvious exactly how he feels about the new addition to the family.

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It’s nothing, but love.

Brittany shared a video on her socials of her two littles in the kiddie pool and the pair is having one heckuva dance party. Memphis, safely in his Puddle Jumper vest, has his eyes locked on Navy while he shows off his best moves, and whoever is holding Baby Sis bounces her in the water to the beat of The Contours’ “Do You Love Me  (Now That I Can Dance).” At one point, Mems leans in to hug and kiss Navy, but his flotation device limits his mobility. Still, the message is loud and clear…

…Navy will not be allowed to date until she’s 30.

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Kidding. Maybe. It seems that between Memphis, who adores his sister, and Daddy Jason, who is an avid hunter, any potential boyfriends are going to have to deal with a bit of over-protection and intimidation to court the little beauty.

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Fortunately, they are years away from having to deal with that, and in that time the relationship between Memphis and Navy might have peaks and valleys. For now, though, these little ones are turning our hearts to goop with their sibling bond.