Jason and Brittany Aldean Threw a Halloween Party Featuring Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Farr, Randy Houser and Russell Dickerson


A couple of months ago Tyler and Hayley Hubbard hosted their pals Brittany and Jason Aldean, Brian and Brittney Kelley, and Russell and Kailey Dickerson in Sun Valley, Idaho during a tour break. And now, the Aldeans have returned the favor by inviting the Hubbards; Kelleys; Dickersons; Dan and Abby Smyers; Tyler and Hannah Farr; and Randy and Tatiana Houser to quite the Halloween evening.

Mostly, the best part of this gathering is figuring who/what everyone dressed like.

  1. Hannah Farr: cat lady
  2. Tyler Farr: cat
  3. Russell Dickerson: Southwest Airlines flight attendant
  4. Kailey Dickerson: Southwest Airlines flight attendant
  5. Tyler Hubbard: priest
  6. Hayley Hubbard: nun
  7. Brian Kelley: ’70s guy
  8. Brittney Kelley: ’70s girl
  9. Jason Aldean: Axl Rose
  10. Brittany Aldean: pregnant Egyptian lady
  11. Randy Houser: scary guy
  12. Tatiana Houser: scary girl
  13. Dan Smyers: puppy
  14. Abby Smyers: puppy
Such an eclectic mix of costumes!


The Smyers’ dog wasn’t at the party, but she sure got dressed up.

You definitely don’t see this everyday, right? Right.