Jason and Brittany Aldean’s House is Cooler Than Anything You Ever Saw on MTV’s “Cribs”

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If you weren’t in junior high or high school in the early ’00s, you may have not been privy to the greatness that was MTV’s “Cribs.” The show took viewers inside celebrity homes to see, mostly, all the cool gadgets and fancy cars they owned, but also the everyday stuff, too. And Jason and Brittany Aldean are trying to bring it back.

And though Jason was on CMT’s ‘Cribs” once, his new place is cooler.

For the most part, Jason and Brittany’s home is pretty typical for a country music superstar and his family– it’s big and fancy in the normal way. Or as Brittany calls it, “rustic glam.”

Their home sits on 120-acres and has stunning wood features, an open floor plan, amazing bathrooms and of course, a pool.

But, the really cool part about the Aldean’s house is their bar and entertainment area that features a bowling alley called Night Train Laynes.

In recent videos Jason and Brittany posted to Instagram, the couple showed just how stocked they like to keep ol’ Night Train Ranch for guests. Brittany has an entire cabinet of Coke products, mixers and La Croix on hand. Like, Walmart’s shelves don’t look this impressive.

And Jason? He’s in charge of the hard stuff and had two refrigerators full of beer. One fridge has craft beers and the other is all light beer. Plus, he has an entire cabinet of every type of whiskey on the planet.

Martha Stewart has nothing on Brittany’s hosting skills.