Jason Aldean Rented a Car to Drive to the ACM Awards, Which Is Not What All Reigning Entertainer of the Year Winners Do

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Jason Aldean is having quite the weekend– the two-time reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year is heading into the 53rd Annual Awards on album release weekend for Rearview Town.

Prior to the awards, Jason told us all about the last few days and it turns out, he didn’t get to Vegas on a private plane like a lot of his buddies– he rented a car from Los Angeles. He also shared that yes, he was rocking out on the way with a rock playlist he listens to before shows.

Jason also shared that it’s really nice to finally have the album out, “You work on a record for so long, that once it finally comes out, you’re excited that it’s just finally the day that it’s there and people can listen to it. I’m excited, so far, the response has been great. I’m really proud of it.”