Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Kelsea Ballerini’s Crop Circle Designs Are a Must See


When Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Kelsea Ballerini started posting photos of crop circle designs made in their likeness we started wondering what was going on. Well, now we know.

Spotify Hot Country is behind the field art. In honor of their Hot Country Playlist the company wanted to pay homage to the Heartland, so they commissioned the four custom-designed crop circles—Jason, Luke, Kelsea and the Hot Country logo.

The crop circles were created by Nashville artist Stan Herd, who put his skills to use in order to recreate the faces of three of country’s hottest stars in a field outside Lawrence.

“I usually begin with a simple concept that speaks to something I believe in and a statement that I think is important to make with my art,” said Stan. “When I get to the point that I decide to actually take the drawing to a field, I create a gridded drawing to the site and try to gauge how it might fit the field or terrain. I work with crews to lay out the grid, maybe one inch equaling 20 feet, and begin the simple outline with a weedeater or other tools into existing crops or vegetation. Then we begin to gauge the work through aerial recon or drone shots.”

These crop circles are the next step in Spotify’s celebration of country music

Luke Bryan spotify crop circle design
Luke Bryan


Jason Aldean Spotify crop circle design
Jason Aldean


Kelsea Ballerini spotify crop circle design
Kelsea Ballerini