Jason Aldean Shares How His Son Memphis Is Just Like Dear Ol’ Dad

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Jason Aldean Memphis and beer
Photo courtesy Jason Aldean Instagram

Jason Aldean’s son Memphis is a chip off the ol’ block. Like father like son, or whatever old cliché you want to use. Either way, Memphis is taking after dad.

Jason took too Instagram to share an adorable photo of his son Memphis. They image has Jason holding his 6-month old boy, while he bites on the Coors beer can, making it look like the little guy is drinking his dad’s beer. 

“what can i say….. It runs in the family! #mybad #everybodychill#hedidntdrinkit🙄 #butitsfunny#drinkresponsibly” Jason wrote.

And as he said, there is no need to worry. Memphis didn’t take a sip. It was just a cute moment caught on camera. And let’s be honest, who of us doesn’t have a  photo at a young age with an adult beverage in our hands. Thanks dads.

On the other side of the spectrum, Jason’s wife, Brittany, shared an adorable picture of her precious little boy on his 6 month birthday. Where does the time go?

“Memphis, angel baby… how are you 6 months already???? 💙🙌🏼👶🏻 You are the sweetest human god could’ve created, and ohhhh how lucky I feel to be your mama🙏🏼,” she wrote.

Happy 6 months, Memphis. Drink up!