Jason Aldean Takes You Behind The Scenes of “Drowns The Whiskey” Video with Miranda Lambert


Jason Aldean recently released the brand new video for “Drowns the Whiskey,” featuring Miranda Lambert and now the country star is sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video.

“We’re here on the set of my music video for ‘Drowns the Whiskey,’ which is our new single featuring Miranda Lambert,” Jason intros the clip. “We actually came back to the same bar that we did the album photo shoot. Pretty cool little dive bar here in Nashville called Springwater.”

The two friends cross paths in a bar playing pool, shooting darts and playing cards as they try to drown the memory of their significant others. There are moments where Miranda and Jason are seen in the bar together, where Jason is seated at the bar and Miranda in the background at the end of the bar. The video ends with the too clinking glasses as they polish off a glass of whiskey.

Jason and Miranda also appeared in the lyric video for “Drown’s the Whiskey,” where the lyrics scolled over images of the two in the recording studio.

“I had this idea to do a song with Miranda on this new record,” Jason said in the video. “I always thought our voices sounded really good together, so I just kind of wanted to get her back on a song and work with her again. She killed it, she crushed it, she did a great job on it. ”

“Drowns the Whiskey,” written by Brandon Kinney, Jeff Middleton and Josh Thompson, has power duo trying to get over the memory of a past loves, but can’t seem to do it regardless of the amount of whiskey they imbibe.

You can stream the video exclusively on @AppleMusic now.