Jason Aldean Releases Lyric Video For “Drowns The Whiskey” Featuring Miranda Lambert


When Jason Aldean dropped his eighth studio album, Rearview Town, one of the stand out tracks from the offering was “Drowns the Whiskey,” featuring Miranda Lambert.

“Whiskey’s supposed to drown the memory / I’ve gone from one to one too many / And the thing that really gets me / Is how your memory drowns the whiskey,” they sing in the chorus, with soul-baring vocals.

The Georgia native is now releasing the lyric video for the track, complete with a story line. As the narration of the song plays out with a guy drowning his sorrow in, wait for it…whiskey, Jason and Miranda can be seen recording the song in the studio setting.

“Somehow I wanted to get [Miranda] on this album and do another song together,” Jason tells Apple Music about the cut. “It had been so long and so I had a song in mind. I called her up and sent it to her. She sort of didn’t get back to me and which was kind of weird and so I sent her a text, give me some feedback on the song. And she was trying to be nice, she said ‘well you know I don’t love the song.’ I’m like, ‘hey listen if you don’t like the song, it’s fine to say that and let’s cut something that you like. I got this other thing that just came in it’s called ‘Drowns the Whiskey’ and it’s pretty cool.’ So I sent that to her and I kind of figured that was going to be more down her alley anyway because it’s a little more traditional and you know she’s just great. I think our voices blend really well together so I just wanted to get her on a song on this record.”

The video adds to the already heavy feeling of the song, making you want to run out and do exactly what the it says. Cheers! 

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