Jason Aldean Wants To Honor Las Vegas Victims By Carrying On With His New Tour


Jason Aldean is preparing for a new tour, his first since the Las Vegas shooting. Aldean was on stage while the deadliest mass shooting in American history took place and even though he finished his tour, the shadow still looms large.

But don’t think that it will keep Aldean from touring now or anytime in the future. For him, to give up would be to let the terrorists win.

“It’s something I’ll never forget but at the same time it’s not something you can let dictate the way you live,” he said on “Ty, Kelly, & Chuck.” “The only way to honor people after something like that is to go out and do what it is you do.”

Luckily, the events after the shooting provided the healing and recovery he, his family, and his band needed.

“We had a few weeks left on the tour and we finished that out. And then I had some time off – my son was born– it gave us something else to focus on. Just being off the road for a while and giving people time to process what had happened [is just what we needed.”

But he will never forget the what happened in Las Vegas and is determined to carry on for both the victims and his fans.

“It will always be something in the back of my mind…but you try to move on and do your thing.”