Jason Aldean Wants Fans to Know Things Aren’t Always As They Appear on Instagram


Jason Aldean isn’t overly concerned with posting to social media, but luckily his wife Brittany is super on top of it, so we get plenty of new pictures of cutie baby boy Memphis. But, recently, Jason shared a photo that he was sure Brittany wouldn’t share on her own.

And she probably wouldn’t share it because her eardrums are likely recovering from the screaming.

Jason’s photo showed Memphis testing out his vocal range with the caption, “@brittanyaldean is always posting pics of Memphis that are good, But this is actually the stuff she doesnt post. #reallife #hangry

If that’s hangry, somebody better feed that boy!

However, Brittany shared a photo of Memphis in the same outfit as the photo Jason posted and he looks perfectly angelic and content.

Actually, he always looks perfectly angelic and content!

See! Totally angelic and not hangry. Look at that belly. No one with a belly like that could be hungry!

Jason will be home with baby Memphis until the spring when he goes back on tour. You can find tickets to his upcoming tour here.