Jason Aldean Reveals How He and Brittany Decided On Son Memphis’ Name

Jason Aldean with son Memphis and wife
Courtesy Brittany Aldean Instagram

When a couple decides to have a baby together, one of the subjects that causes the biggest fights is usually the name of the child. However, after a little back and forth Jason Aldean and wife Britanny seemed to come to a very amicable decision.

“Well my wife and I just kind of started throwing out a bunch of different names that we liked,” Jason tells One Country. “I kind of wanted something that was a little rock-n-roll sounding. Memphis was the only name that we both kind of agreed on. I’ve always been a big Elvis fan, so that was part of it.  I just like the city names and names of towns. I think that sounds really cool. Memphis was the one we both agreed on, so it just became that.”

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When Brittany was getting a little soft with the name, the 41-year-old steered his wife away from those not-so-manly monikers she was suggesting.

“I like names like Boston and Memphis, I like stuff like that,” Jason continued. “Britt liked more of the names that were sweeter names. I’m like, ‘It’s fine for a kid but at some point he’s going to be a man and he needs a cool name for a man.’ I don’t want him getting picked on.”

Spoken like a true dad.

Jason talked more about his new album Rearview Town, released April 13. The entire conversation can be heard on demand on TuneIn.