Jason Aldean Gets a “Little” Help In the Studio From Son Memphis

Jason Aldean and son Memphis in the studio
Photo courtesy Jason Aldean Instagram

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we love it when country stars bring special guests into the studio. Hopefully, it will result in a great duet, but in Jason Aldean’s case, there’s a little mystery involving his newest collaborator.

In a post on his Instagram page, Jason shared a photo of his only son, Memphis, in a sound booth wearing a headset. Memphis’ little hands are over the earphones as if he is listening to the playback, and the expression on his face almost seems to be scrutinizing a vocal track.

In the caption, Jason writes, “Back in the studio this week working on a new album with some help from lil’ man. #9.”

That’s a pretty non-specific explanation of Memphis’ role in the recording process. He could just be lending moral support to his famous pops, but it wouldn’t be terribly unusual for Jason to have grabbed a little audio from the tot to include on his new album. Country stars have long included their adorable kiddos on their albums. Josh Turner even surrendered an entire track to his four boys on his most recent album, I Serve a Savior.

As exciting as it is to see Memphis in the studio in any capacity, it’s equally exciting to know that Jason is working on his ninth studio album.

While we’re awaiting more details on the project, the singer-songwriter is on a pretty regular two-year release schedule, which means we won’t have the full album until 2020. He did release projects in 2009 (Wide Open) and then again in 2010 (My Kinda Party) though, so anything is possible. Either way, he is on the fourth single, the title track from his Rearview Town album, so it seems likely that after that we’ll be hearing music from album number nine.