Jason Aldean Showcases His ‘Family and Fans’ in His “They Don’t Know” Music Video


There are two sides to Jason Aldean. The world where he came from and the world where he resides. He shows them both in the new video for “They Don’t Know.”

These days, Jason can be found on a stage, singing his truth. For half of this clip, he shares the behind-the-scenes moments that fans rarely get to see.

On the flip side, he showcases the fans who come out to his shows. Fans that he considers to be family.

“We’re just getting back out on the road for the summer, and after seeing the crowd sing this song back to me the first couple weekends, it reminded me how much the fans relate to it,” Jason said. “To me, this video represents every person on my team, at country radio, my family and the fans who come out from all over the place. It’s because of them I keep getting to sing about the things I know and have lived.”

Watch it: