Jason Aldean Thinks Cats Are ‘The Devil’s Pet’ and Prefers Blake Shelton With Short Hair

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Jason Aldean has always proved himself to be an interesting guy, but in a recent round of “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down” that he played with Pandora, we learned a lot of random facts about him– some endearing, and others surprising.

He gave a thumbs up to 2018 as a whole, citing his new music (and presumably his new son, Memphis), but gave a thumbs down to New Year’s Resolutions, and sort of gave a thumbs down for sober January. Same.

Then they got on to more important topics, like his thoughts on ’80s hairstyles– more specifically, Blake Shelton’s former mullet.

“I’ll never say this again, but I definitely think Blake Shelton looks better with short hair,” he said. Fair.

He gave a thumbs up to cowboy hats, reality TV and a good karaoke bar, and a serious thumbs down to man buns, Mai Tai’s, and domestic cats, a.k.a., “the devil’s pet.”

We also learned that he still watches “Jersey Shore,” so there’s that.

Watch the full interview below, and be sure to check out Jason’s new song, “You Make It Easy.”