Jason Aldean Asks for Help Translating Son Memphis’ Sentences

Jason Aldean needs help with son Memphis talk
Photo courtesy Brittany Aldean Instagram

Jason Aldean is one doting daddy, but even the best fathers and mothers need a little help now and again. And Jason reached out on social media for some assistance in understanding his baby boy.

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Now, with two older daughters—a teen and a tween—you might expect that the country music superstar is used to not understanding kids, but when Memphis started chatting Daddy’s ear off, it was less about the things that aren’t being said and more about translating tot talk.

In the video Jason shared on Instagram, we see Memphis hanging over the side of the tub, a bottle of Mr. Bubble in the background.

Now, as near as we can tell, it sounds like the toddler is saying, “Listen, I want some McDonald’s.” He then breaks into a little Spanish, saying he’ll “get my uno more…McDonald’s milkshake? And maybe a soda, too.

He then yells for his mom, Brittany, whom he apparently calls by her first name or “Ni-Ni” and says, “Don’t mess this up.”

Mess what up, little dude?

After that, he appears to be talking about the new house plans that include a big, big, big, big pool that he’s pretty excited about, but the cat won’t go near it.

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We didn’t know Jason and Brittany had a cat.

Jason’s fans and followers offer their own hilarious transcriptions of the conversation, but whatever is really on Mem’s mind will remain a mystery because words are hard.

But who needs them when you’re that cute.