Jason Aldean and Wife Brittany Singing a Lullaby To Daughter Navy is Family Goals

Jason Aldean wife Brittany sing My Girl lullaby to daughter Navy
Photo by Arroyo-OConnor/AFF-USA.com

We sorta expect that our favorite country stars are going to sing lullabies to their little ones, but what we’re learning is that songs like “Rockabye Baby” aren’t necessarily part of their repertoire. Nor are their own songs.

For example, when Jason Aldean and his talented wife, Brittany, are preparing their baby girl, Navy Rome, for bed, they’re rolling out a little Temptations and “My Girl.”

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Jason shared a video of Brittany and him serenading their daughter who is propped up on Britt’s lap. Navy seems drowsy and ready for “nite nite” as Mom and Dad sing the R-and-B classic, soothing their little one to sleep.

And, although Navy is calm and ready for bed, the fans are losing their minds over how amazing Dad and Mom sound together. Comment after comment begs the couple to record a duet together, others mention Brittany’s run on American Idol where she made it through to the Hollywood rounds during season 11.

By the way, little Memphis is getting plenty of attention, too. In fact, Jason is taking all the necessary measures to make sure his little man has the same great appreciation for the sand, sea, and surf that he has himself. The dad shares another photo of himself with his son sitting together on a lounge chair at the beach.

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“Raising my boy right. Gotta get that sand and saltwater in his blood,” he writes.