Jason Derulo is Country Music’s Biggest Fan After Performance with Luke Bryan

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After R&B superstar Jason Derulo performed with Luke Bryan on an episode of CMT’s “Crossroads,” he’s all about the country music.


During an interview with the Associated Press, Derulo said, “I love country music. I love different melodies and I love the storytelling that country has. If I were able to flip that and bring that into my world, it would be fresh and new.”

We’re totally imagining a slowed down version of “Talk Dirty” without a saxophone and with a fiddle, right?

During the interview, Derulo also learned what a honky-tonk is and isn’t.

Bryan: He wanted to know the definition of a honky-tonk. I said smoky and a jukebox. I left out neon lights.

Derulo: So I would have walked into a place and thought it was a honky-tonk, but if there are no neon lights?

Bryan: Still not a honky-tonk. Glad we got that covered.