Jason Isbell Doesn’t Like Country Music and He Thinks There Aren’t Many Good Christian People Left in Rural America


If you haven’t listened to Jason Isbell’s latest album, The Nashville Sound, you’re truly missing out. It packs a punch on topics like race, politics, women, love and everything in between. Like the album, Isbell is full of sharp, witty opinions. Normally, he shares these opinions on Twitter, but he also shared a few with Rolling Stone recently.

First, RS asked Isbell about Nashville and country music, based on his tweet about not playing during CMA Fest. His answer was blunt and simple, “I don’t like that kind of music at all. Sometimes I’ll hear a song that I really like that’s in that world. I like that song “Girl Crush.” Some of Miranda Lambert’s songs are really well-written. Stapleton’s great. But most of that stuff is just real bad music to me. It also seems like a huge mess. I like Nashville when it’s just regular old Nashville and there’s not a whole lot going on.”

Per the usual, things got even more interesting when he was asked, “What’s surprised you most about Trump so far?”

Isbell shared, “The Trump presidency has convinced me that we are living in a post-Christian America. I could see how a lot of conservative right-wing Christian Americans would vote for someone like Mitt Romney, who seems like a stand-up guy. But Trump is obviously not a good Christian person. I think the fact that so many people voted for him means that there aren’t that many good Christian people left in rural America. God is gone from those people.”

Isbell is on to something here.