Jennifer Nettles Makes Statement With New Song “I Can Do Hard Things” [Listen]

Jennifer Nettles releases new song I can do hard things
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Singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, fashion plate, wife, daughter, friend, and most importantly, mom, Jennifer Nettles is growing more and more known for her beautifully articulate and thoughtful support of those who feel they may not have a voice, including women. And in her tender new song, “I Can Do Hard Things,” she sets some of her thoughts to music.

But it was more than just a lyric and a melody. Jennifer also shared an essay on the Medium platform explaining her motives behind releasing the stirring ballad.

She writes, “This song for me is a truth telling, a blood letting, a real-life heart opening to what it means to be a grown woman. It is my offering to honor the reality that, as I like to say, ‘everything is everything.'”

She also said, “As women we are taught that we must do it all and act like we like doing it all. That, for example, our love for our children is somehow contingent upon our love of every moment of being a mother. As if Life were an ‘either/or’ instead of what it really is: ‘both/and.’ And as I began to acknowledge that Truth within me, that coexistente holding of everything all at once, I began to learn about pain and resilience and strength and tenderness.”

Jennifer visited Kathie Lee and Hoda on February 22 and, after playing a bit of the song, the three women, all mothers, blotted tears. She also shared a slice of “Sorry Cake,” made from a recipe in her cookbook, “Sweet, Savory, Simple.”

“I Can Do Hard Things” is a new solo release from Jennifer and is available for download and stream now.